The WorkSource system offers individual support to job seekers that can help them overcome barriers to employment. This is an easy thing to say, but it’s important to remember that these services have a tangible impact on people’s lives.

Recently, we had a WorkSource customer in training to become a dental hygienist reach out to us and her words reminded us all why we do what we do.

Thank you so much for your help! As a first-generation Asian American college student, I have been struggling tremendously with my finances and facing barriers to achieving my career and fulfilling my college education. You have helped me SO much! Every time I say thank you to you, you always say “It’s just my job,” but it’s more than a job. You help change lives and help people in need find a resolution. You have done so much and I am forever grateful! Thank you for all that you do and for genuinely helping me!

This customer is hardworking and driven—but even hardworking and driven people can still have barriers to employment. So, what did WorkSource do?

WorkSource was able to help pay for their tuition, state board exams, study guides, and graduation supplies!

We call these support services and their very purpose is to help remove financial barriers to training and employment. And as we can see here, it provided the extra little push to help change a life and get trained in an in-demand career.

If you’re looking for work and want to know more about our opportunities for job seekers looking to retrain, contact Heather Fox in Vancouver at or Kristine Williams in Kelso at All programs depend on eligibility and availability.

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