WorkSource offers a bevy of workshops that aim to help our job seekers upskill on their way to finding quality work.

Covering a range of topics such as Overcoming Ageism, Work Concepts, Health and Well-Being, Communication, Creating the Right Resume, Embracing Change, and Tips for the Successful Interview, these classes form just one prong of the many resources we have at our disposal to help our job seekers find employment.

We love it when our customers utilize our workshops—because they work.

And we’re not the only ones saying it.

Of all the great things we hear from our customers regarding WorkSource services, we hear the most about our workshops. They’re just that good.

Read below to see what our customers are saying about WorkSource workshops!

Wow, I really needed “The Plan!” I want to improve my skills, but I didn’t know how. Traci, now you have given me the resources and then of course how to follow up to completion! I love that you give us A-Z in every subject you teach.

These classes definitely helped me work on myself and make me more open minded with trying to find a job. It is a little discouraging being unemployed and being in my 50’s, who is going to hire me? After getting rejection letter after rejection letter, it gets pretty depressing, but your classes helped to keep me positive. I am happy to say that I am gainfully employed now.  It took exactly 6 months to find a job, but I am happy with this company and hope to retire here in many years.

Traci Wise is super knowledgeable in everything she is asked for. She answers everyone’s questions so well and in a friendly manner. She is awesome.

Your classes have brought me out of an isolating funk that I was in for a few weeks. I think that I’ve been needing to engage with others and find my motivation again. Your classes not only motivate me but have lots of inspiring content in them. I’m no longer depressed and feel hopeful again regarding my job search. So, thank you for the content that you share with us and making the class environment welcoming and engaging in a fun way.

Amazing, empathetic instructor and the best I’ve had at WorkSource! I’ve attended many virtual workshops, and it is evident that training and helping others is her passion. There is so much engagement during her workshops and she always takes the time to answer our questions. After the workshop, she sends a follow up email with even more information and resources! She is the only trainer that does this.  WorkSource is very lucky to have her!

Traci is a great presenter. Her content is always useful. I will continue to take her workshops. She as well as many of the other presenters have piqued my interest in becoming a member of the WorkSource team.

The workshops have been helpful. I wish I had more time to absorb and put all the information into practice entirely, but I must move on. I will continue using the resources to improve my knowledge and prevent being caught unemployed again. These are great resources.

There are not enough words to describe the huge impact their delivery has had on me as well as so many others… Believe it or not the delivery of the messages of these Modules are life changing. Henry moderates these modules like a chairman of a council meeting… Hearing his personal journey yesterday brought me to tears and in these modules, resilience was emphasized.

Confidence is key to getting better at the job search process. I appreciate the support offered by WorkSource and the people that provide those services.

Traci Wise is AWESOME! She’s so knowledgeable and a great teacher with this overwhelming task of finding a job and making myself more employable… Thank you for all of your help! You all are FANTASTIC!!

Traci Wise was the presenter for “Essentials of Feedback.” I feel this is a topic everyone should take. It was informative. Feedback occurs in all aspects of our lives. Feedback is a form of communication. Like all communication, it can be given in a positive or negative manner. This webinar provided positive ideas to work with feedback between co-workers and managers.

It was a great Webex presentation. This was my first workshop offered through WorkSource. I learned about it on the Pacific Mountain WorkSource site. I live in Olympia, WA, and attending this course in person would not have been possible. Thank you for this presentation.

You’ve heard it from our customers. Are you ready to find out for yourself? Visit our workshop calendar to find both virtual and in-person workshops.

The Economic Security for All (Thrive) grant is supported by U.S Department of Labor/Employment and Training Administration as part of an award totaling (46.89%) $443,494 with $502,263 (53.11%) in state, local and/or non-governmental funds for an overall total of (100%) $945,757.



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