WorkSource helps people get back to work and our success stories are proof of that. But while we often expect these stories to come from the greater community, sometimes they come from within WorkSource itself.

Jovan Merceron was a work study participant working with our Disabled Veterans’ Outreach Program (DVOP) team at WorkSource in Vancouver. Here, Jovan was able to help veterans find work by assisting in preparing agendas, facilitating meetings, summarizing discussions, and more.

But when a new opportunity revealed itself, Jovan used his connections at WorkSource to help land an exciting internship opportunity closer to his long-term goals. Jovan said:

“As a veteran myself, I too was a client eligible for case management from a DVOP and was provided services that assisted me to use the skills that I currently had while growing more at the same time… After finding a plausible internship opportunity to apply to, I was having difficulty getting an interview, so I asked the LVER [Local Veterans Employment Representative] to advocate for me with the employer. I had not heard back from this employer for almost two months.

After the LVER sent two separate emails to this employer I was not only offered an interview but was offered a position too. Soon after, I was sent an internship opportunity with Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) which was an internship opportunity that was even more suited to my studies. I again asked the LVER to advocate to the employer on my behalf. The LVER only needed to send one email to the employer for this opportunity and as a result I was granted an interview and offered a position that pays a great deal more than the first intern position. Consequently, I said yes and begin my new journey as a six-month intern with Washington State DOT on June 16th. I am so grateful to have been afforded this work study opportunity with WorkSource Veterans Program in Vancouver.”

For those who are exiting school and looking to get their foot in the door, internships are a great way to build your resume and gain valuable experience. Jovan Merceron took advantage of his connections and made sure to set himself up for success—and we couldn’t be prouder!

Jovan had this to say, “I can honestly say the case management that a DVOP provides and the advocacy of a LVER has been an integral part of my success to be offered gainful employment and opportunity.”

If you’re a veteran or spouse of a veteran and looking for internship opportunities, come to WorkSource! We have a team here to help you become job ready, staffed with passionate advocates for workforce development and veterans’ resources. If you’re ready to take the first step, contact Joseph Hennessey at or call at (360) 735-4965.



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