On February 2, WorkSource staff and partners joined together at Lower Columbia College for a professional development day!

In attendance were WorkSource staff from both our Vancouver and Kelso offices, Workforce Southwest Washington, Next, Clark College, Labor & Industries, and Partners in Careers. These organizations form the backbone of our region’s employment development resources, and we were all very excited to spend a day learning and growing together!

Staff formed groups and played games, scouring case studies for opportunities to meet customer needs while staying true to our vision, mission, and values.

These guiding statements provide the foundation for the work we do:


We build, grow, and sustain a pipeline of qualified talent that aligns with the needs of business.


We envision a fully integrated access center that nimbly and reliably connects employers and qualified talent.


  • Collaborative – We work with others to create a common vision and align strategies.
  • Proactive – We look ahead to identify potential problems and find early solutions.
  • Flexible – We are open to change, and we adjust to new information and opportunities.
  • Efficient – We maximize our time and resources.
  • Accountable – We measure our efforts to assure a positive impact.
  • Focused on exceeding expectations – We deliver high quality services.
  • Dedicated to equity and inclusion – We remove barriers and support our customers according to their individual needs.

With these in mind, our staff joined together for guest speaker Penny Tovar’s presentation on socioeconomic status. Penny’s presentation was moving, illuminating, and challenging as it created opportunities for vulnerability and growth.

Our team is dedicated to the partnership inherent in the WorkSource system, proving themselves time and again to have a wealth of passion and experience in support of our mission. Revitalized and invigorated, we left our professional development day with a sense of drive and mutual respect for our colleagues. These are the people that make WorkSource work—and having the opportunity to share and learn with them was a privilege.

If you’re interested in learning more about how WorkSource can help you return to work, visit one of our centers in Kelso or Vancouver. Call for an appointment or simply walk in! We have resources for all job seekers. All services are free of charge. Language services available on request.

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