Post-COVID, hiring has become more challenging and time-consuming than ever. When shingle manufacturer Malarkey Roofing reached out to WorkSource, they were ready to put their hiring woes behind them.

After an initial call, WorkSource Business Support Team member Susan Milke toured the Malarkey facilities to meet the team and asses their needs. In doing so, she discovered a vibrant workplace and invited Malarkey’s Talent Acquisition Specialist Kait Shumaker to participate in a hiring event to introduce Malarkey to interested job seekers. These career fairs happen once a month at WorkSource and are an effective way for businesses to get connected directly to willing candidates.

Malarkey found immediate success.

“WorkSource job fairs have been fantastic,” Shumaker said. “It always produces at least one candidate for us, and sometimes more!”

Malarkey’s success with WorkSource has continued since attending their first hiring event back in spring. “Since working with WorkSource in March,” said Shumaker, “We’ve hired four people.”

WorkSource helps people find jobs and get training to advance, but what many don’t realize, is that WorkSource also helps businesses find people. Hiring events are a great way for local businesses to find the talent they need. In Malarkey’s case, these events also formed the foundation for networking with the WorkSource Cowlitz/Wahkiakum center as well—opening the door for even more hiring opportunities.

Malarkey Roofing found much to appreciate when working with WorkSource. Shumaker said, “The staff is great, everyone is always so friendly,” going on to single out Susan Milke, she said “Susan is wonderful and amazing to work with.”

If you’re interested in seeing how WorkSource can help you with your company’s hiring, reach out to Susan Milke at . We’re excited to work with you.


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