Local companies are seeking candidates with mechatronics skills.

Mechatronics involves mechanics, electronics, pneumatics and computer technology. Mechatronics technicians troubleshoot, maintain and repair mechanical equipment controlled by electrical, electronic and computer systems. They work at utility companies and in manufacturing, technology and other fields.

A new mechatronics training program combines online classes with Saturday hands-on lab work at Clark College’s Columbia Tech Center campus in east Vancouver. After completing the program, you’ll be ready to pursue entry-level technician positions or enter the Mechatronics program to earn an associate degree.

Contact WorkSource Career Coach Jacob Miller at jamiller@esd.wa.gov or 360.735.5084 to learn more about the program, including opportunities to have WorkSource pay for the training and financial aid options.

The program is made possible by grant NSF-ATE #1565577 from the National Science Foundation.

Other training programs are coming up, so contact WorkSource to learn more.

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