In this series, we’ll be shining a light on the people who make WorkSource work. Today, we have RESEA Specialist Becky Ford-Sullivan.

Becky has been with WorkSource since May of 2022, where she was hired to join the Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment (RESEA) team—which provides job seeker resources for unemployment claimants such as resume reviews, mock interviews, job logs, and referrals to community partner programs.

But Becky wears many hats in the WorkSource office, eagerly taking on new responsibilities and challenges as they come. Recently, she accepted a new position creating office processes, training new staff in our resource room, and supporting leadership.

But what do the outcomes of Becky’s work look like to the rest of us? I asked Becky for an example of her work and was given a classic tale of the WorkSource system at peak performance.

“One customer I think about is a woman who didn’t have a resume, couldn’t drive, and was claiming unemployment,” said Becky. In the WorkSource office, we often work with customers who have barriers to returning to work and it’s part of our mission to help remove them.

Becky went on to say:

“Despite these challenges, she worked really hard to create a targeted resume and a catalog of businesses within walking distance and a short bus ride from her home. We were able to connect her with Community in Motion for a bus pass. Within a month, she was back to work at a job which paid more than her previous one and allowed her to walk to and from work, which also helped her with her exercise goals!”

We live for these types of stories and Becky and others like her are key players in guiding job seekers to their ultimate goal.

It comes as no surprise then, that Becky’s favorite part of the job is helping people—an interest that extends to her hobbies. “I am really passionate about emergency preparedness,” said Becky. “I was a part of the NET (Neighborhood Emergency Team) team in Portland.”

Born in Pocatello, Idaho, Becky expresses an enthusiasm and genuine curiosity for the people around her and how their journeys have brought them to where they are now. “I like to ask people where they are from or where they have lived,” she said. “I learn over and over just how small the world really is.”

This interest in others shines a light on the warmth and empathy inherent in her character. Employment Security Department (ESD) Administrator Chad Sellers had this to say about Becky:

“Becky has consistently demonstrated her passion for helping others through the use of empathy, compassion, and kindness. Becky shows her genuine care for all customers that walk through the door, no matter their needs or emotional state. Becky takes the time to meet the customers where they are to help however she can.”

We asked Becky for her advice to new job seekers. “Target each resume to each job opening,” she said. “Talk about your skills and duties the way the employer wants to talk about the job by using the language of the job description. Oh, and take all of the WorkSource job hunter workshops!”

People like Becky are the ones that keep the wheels of WorkSource turning! If you’re looking for work and ready to take your next step, contact your local center to speak to a knowledgeable and empathetic representative like Becky who can guide you through the job seeking process!


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