Job seekers everywhere are using certifications to bolster their resumes. Read below to find out if any are right for you.

WorkSource is in the business of helping people get back to work or advance in their careers. While we offer services to everyone—like resume reviews and mock interviews—we also have training funds available for eligible job seekers. When most of us think of training, we think of college. But training is more than just tuition. In a competitive labor market, job candidates are using certifications to increase their value to potential employers.

The benefit of going after these certificates is that they offer specialized training in niche industries that employers are seeking. They also allow entry-level candidates to make up for their lack of experience and add real value to their resumes.

What’s interesting is that this doesn’t only apply to tech workers looking to flaunt competency in obscure coding languages, but to all workers. There are certifications for a wide array of industries that can help you stand out in the crowd.

The downside though is that most certifications come with a cost of their own. And while one could make the argument that a lower time-cost than a degree greatly makes up for its upfront cost, the initial investment can be a large barrier for those looking to upskill.

This is where WorkSource comes in. We are an agency funded by state and federal grants that helps people get work through resources, support services, and job training. Depending on availability, WorkSource can help pay for eligible job seekers’ professional certifications. If you’re interested in pursuing a certification, reach out to Kristine Williams at or call 360.578.4211.

Below is a list of certifications worth pursuing and how they can increase your value to an employer. They cover a range of professions, from warehouse to office workers. Read on and remember that if you’re in the market to upgrade your resume, come to WorkSource first to get screened for eligibility. We’re located at 305 S Pacific Avenue, Suite 101 in Kelso and are open Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm.

5. Google Analytics

For those interested in digital marketing, Google Analytics is a fundamental tool used to attribute the source of website traffic. It provides great insights into the health and efficacy of your content which means it’s the best way to show your boss that what you’re doing is working.

While it’s important to mention that Google Analytics won’t help you get any job, if you’re looking for something that falls under the umbrella of marketing, it can be essential. Google Analytics is a perfect building block to build a marketing-focused resume on.

4. Flagger Certification

Want to get into construction? Earning a Flagger Certification can be your foot in the door.

According to O*Net Online, Crossing Guards and Flaggers have a bright career outlook—meaning that this occupation is expected to have many job openings in the coming years.

In Flagger Training, you’ll learn about:

• The agencies and laws that govern flagging.
• Equipment requirements.
• How to safely direct traffic.
• How to navigate special traffic situations.

While Flaggers are only a small step above entry-level positions, they can eventually lead to occupations with more responsibility, such as a Traffic Control Supervisor. Flagging is a pathway to bigger and better things.

3. CPR/First Aid Certifications

In industries where safety is an everyday concern, a CPR or First Aid Certificate may not only set you apart from the pack, it may even be a requirement.

While many of us will think initially of healthcare workers needing this the most, there’s actually a broad range of jobs that might require this certification. Some of these are: electricians, firefighters, construction workers, childcare workers, jail and prison staff, lifeguards, social workers, and many more.

Of all these certificates on this list, CPR/First Aid might be the most transferable of them all.

2. Microsoft Office Specialist

Digital literacy is important in the modern office. Most of our work is done on computers and being able to signal this proficiency can be extra important in a resume.If an office uses Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, or Teams—you bet the hiring managers are looking for job seekers who are familiar with Microsoft Office. To even begin to know how to do the work, you should be competent using the infrastructure.

Feel like you need to demonstrate digital literacy on your resume to land the big job? A Microsoft Office Specialist Certification might be exactly what you need.

1. Forklift Certification

Operating heavy machinery is no joke and smart businesses require employees to get certified before they jump in the seat of a forklift. WorkSource helps many job seekers earn their Forklift Certificate as it’s an in-demand skill for job seekers looking to get into construction and warehousing operations.

There are a lot of benefits to earning this certificate, as it can increase workplace safety, make you more competitive, and also increase your earnings.
If you’re looking to earn your Forklift Certificate (or any other certificate), contact WorkSource today to learn more about how we can help you get the training you need to land your dream job.

WorkSource is a network of nonprofits, community-based organizations, local and state agencies working in partnership to provide an array of employment and training services to job seekers and businesses in Washington State. WorkSource is funded through the local workforce development board, Workforce Southwest Washington. For information, visit

Carson Winter is the Communications & Outreach Coordinator at WorkSource. Reach him at or 360-735-4962.

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